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The Pen Is In the Other Hand

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I normally don’t have the time to write for pleasure, but I found some time recently and submitted a short story to an online magazine. The magazine sent me a rejection email, but with comments. The agent stated, “The story has potential” and suggested I “tighten it up” and resubmit. Woohoo! A straight-out acceptance would […]

Metatopia 2014

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My background in game design, along with my professional editing skills, gives Gemini Wordsmiths a unique perspective in editing game rules. Last weekend, I attended METATOPIA 2014, a convention devoted to game designers and play-testers. The convention was incredibly energizing. According to the organizers, it has doubled in size each year since the first in […]

A sale that is out of this world!

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  GEMINI WORDSMITHS CELEBRATES THE CELESTIAL MIRACLE NAMED AFTER THE EARTHLY MIRACLE, GEMINI WORDSMITHS.    😉   Once a year the constellation GEMINI produces a radiant that emits meteors called the Geminid Meteor Shower.  Gemini Wordsmiths thinks this is reason enough to run a sale!   For all new projects booked during the height of the meteor shower, […]

Come to a book launch party!

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Watching a book develop from concept through finished product is like watching a baby grow into an adult. The book we’re referring to is the “baby” of the collective Main Line Writers’ Group. Approximately a year and a half ago an idea to publish stories from the members of the group was born. Many of the writers […]

Deadlines and Pressure

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How do you handle deadlines? Everyone, not just writers, has deadlines. Do you need to make an appointment for a baby’s three month visit? You can’t wait until the baby is three months old to schedule the appointment. Do you need to have your car inspected before the end of the month? Don’t wait a […]

Game Design Course

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Good news! Folks in the Upper Dublin, PA area who would like to take a very basic and brief course about the non-electronic game industry as well as game design, can take a look at this link, course number 4: The course runs six Mondays, beginning September 23, 2013, from 7 to 9 p.m. I hope […]


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DEXCON I just (literally) got home from DEXCON, the game convention I highly recommend to everyone on the east coast – or anyone willing to come to the east coast in hot July. The attendance this year was approximately 1,600. The majority of the attendees were die-hard gamers who enjoy all aspects of gaming, from […]

We’re celebrating our two-year anniversary!

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It’s OUR anniversary, but YOU get the present. Gemini Wordsmiths will celebrate its second anniversary during the astrological sign of Gemini. Not only are business partners, Ruth and Ann, born under the sign of Gemini, but the business began during this time. In honor of our anniversary, we are offering a 5% discount to any […]