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Deadlines and Pressure

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How do you handle deadlines? Everyone, not just writers, has deadlines. Do you need to make an appointment for a baby’s three month visit? You can’t wait until the baby is three months old to schedule the appointment. Do you need to have your car inspected before the end of the month? Don’t wait a year. Deadlines hit all of us, in all aspects of our lives.


Some people work best under pressure while some freeze up at the thought of an impending deadline. Are you one or the other? I am both, depending on the situation. 


Two years ago I planned to attend Metatopia, a game designers convention. I developed a game and then playtested it, about a month before the convention. During the playtesting I encountered a potential legal issue. Within two weeks, I had to develop a new game and prepare it for formal playtesting. That was incredible pressure. I rose to the task, created a game that was totally different than anything I had designed before, and I was able to present it at the convention. It received great feedback and encouraging remarks from the playtesters at the convention.


I hoped to learn from that time pressure-cooker situation. But today I find myself in the same situation. One month before Metatopia this year, I am working on designing a game for someone else, and designing one for me, and the deadline is the same date. So what am I doing today? I’m sitting at the Writers Coffeehouse in Willow Grove, PA learning more about the craft and the business of writing. Am I feeling pressure? Not now, I think I’ve finally reached the age where one of my favorite sayings is: It will get done; one way or another, it will be done. 


I hope others can reach that plateau.


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