The Written Word: Created, Edited, Perfected.



Students who speak English as a second language (ESL) often have difficulty perfecting text and verbiage in papers they must submit. This is quite understandable, since the English language is filled with idioms and exceptions to grammatical rules and spelling rules.

Gemini Wordsmiths understands your needs. While they will not write a paper for you, they will take your paper and spruce it up – correcting grammar, syntax, and structure, and make it read as if the writer were a native English speaking student.

Writers, businesspersons and others who speak English as a second language face the same challenges. Whether writing a novel, creating a website or creating PR documents to promote your business, an editor is required to ensure that grammar, syntax and punctuation are correct, and that your works flow smoothly.

Gemini Wordsmiths will offer restructuring or rewording suggestions for your document. Their goal is your goal – to make your document polished and professional.