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Metatopia 2014

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My background in game design, along with my professional editing skills, gives Gemini Wordsmiths a unique perspective in editing game rules. Last weekend, I attended METATOPIA 2014, a convention devoted to game designers and play-testers. The convention was incredibly energizing. According to the organizers, it has doubled in size each year since the first in 2011.

Professional review of your game rules and box prior to launch is an important step in game design that is frequently forgotten. Do you care if your game box reads, “This game is designed for players ages 1 through adult” when you meant to write, “12 through adult?” That’s a big typo. Just like editing a novel, your eyes and your software package may miss something simple like the ages of the players. Your box needs to be as perfect as possible to entice potential buyers to pick it up, buy it, and take it home.

Your rules have to be comprehensive yet easy to understand. A rulebook should be limited in the number of pages because the longer the book and the more complicated the rules, the less players will want to play the game. It should only provide information that is relevant to the game. Additionally, the longer the book, the more it will cost for production and shipping.

So, my advice, whether you use Gemini Wordsmiths or another editor, is to have a game rules editor look at all the components prior to launch. You’ll garner a stronger following if everything is polished and perfect.

If you have questions on how we can help, just give us a call.

Ann Stolinsky


July 2014

Another DEXCON is over. I (Ann) blogged about it last year, too.

DEXCON is energizing. Spending a weekend with other gamers in a total game environment … sigh. It’s great. I run the National Championships for my game MINDFIELD at DEXCON, which is an incredible joy. I had a couple of ideas for new games while there.

The feeling I get when I leave DEXCON is similar to the feeling I get when I leave a writers’ group meeting. I am energized. The members of the Philly Liars Club share information freely, and encouragement graciously. Attending a Writers’ Coffeehouse in Willow Grove, PA (4th Sunday of every month) allows me to spend some time with talented authors and newbie writers. I walk out feeling like I could write the next great American novel.

Whatever your plans were for Independence Day, I hope you took some time to honor the fallen and appreciate the freedoms they’ve secured for us all with their ultimate sacrifices. And I hope you spent time for yourself – gathering with family and friends, and re-energizing your spirit.



~~Ann Stolinsky


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