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We’re celebrating our two-year anniversary!

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It’s OUR anniversary, but YOU get the present.
Gemini Wordsmiths will celebrate its second anniversary during the astrological sign of Gemini. Not only are business partners, Ruth and Ann, born under the sign of Gemini, but the business began during this time. In honor of our anniversary, we are offering a 5% discount to any project booked during the astrological sign of Gemini, May 21 through June 20. You’ll get a discount if your project starts on the cusp, too.
Paraphrased from Wikipedia:
Gemini is governed by Mercury, a planet noted for swift movement and symbolically associated with the interchange of ideas and fluid responses to circumstances. Gemini is linked with the “element of air,” which represents the mental and social realms, and which showcases the ability to formulate abstract ideas, and to effectively interpret symbols, imagined concepts, and communicative signals. The focus of the sign falls upon movement, quick thinking, intelligence, free-flowing expression, and spontaneous reaction. The twins symbolize the sign, which also presents duality:  The ability to relate to opposing visions simultaneously, to possess dexterity, and to multi-task.
We at Gemini Wordsmiths represent our sign. We strive to provide our clients with error-free products, whether we are editing novels or creating content for websites; editing and determining playability of game rules; or writing tweets, scripts or press releases. We have the versatility to adapt easily to the changing requirements of our clients. We are Gemini.

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