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We are pleased to share our latest testimonial:

“If you are looking for the best of the best to edit and proof your book, look no further.

These two Gemini Wordsmiths editors are wicked-smart, efficient, prompt, fairly priced, meticulous, and so very kind to first-time authors. They are a joy to do business with because they are seriously fun. Their comments left me laughing out loud. (They are the total opposite of boring, stodgy, stuffy editors.)

My kids’ novel Grace from Space greatly benefited from their magic. I greatly benefited from their professional, light-hearted, delightful approach.

Barbara Glazier-Robinson, Ph.D.”


“Gemini Wordsmiths took the same care in editing my first story collection, Once a Welder, as I did writing it. As I reviewed the edited manuscript, I was impressed with Ruth and Ann’s attention to detail, and their ability to streamline and pack punch with simple punctuation, re-wording, verbiage deletions and word suggestions that strengthened my manuscript. I wouldn’t hesitate to tell other writers that their work is in capable hands with Gemini Wordsmiths.”

Jim Brennan

Author, Once a Welder and Twenty-four Years to Boston

“I recently hired Gemini Wordsmiths to proofread a new novel.  Their work was careful, attentive, and fairly priced.  Plus, they delivered the MS on time. I’d definitely recommend them to any writer who needs that all-important second set of eyes.”

Carla Sarett
(Fiction author Strange Courtships: Nine Romantic Stories, Spooky & Kooky Tales, Crazy Lovebirds, and The Art Collection.)
“Whether your book sells or not, a developmental edit is a great investment, as I found out with Gemini Wordsmiths. A good editor will find holes in your plot and writing style before a reviewer does. This is important, as I’ve read some harsh critiques from reviewers about newly released novels. Investing in a good editor serves as a hedge against mediocre writing “going public;” you want your best to go into a bookstore or online.
Gemini Wordsmiths fills the bill. When I was working on Blood Moon Rising, editors Ann and Ruth took the time to examine each character, and analyzed the plot, theme, readability, dialogue, POV, consistency, setting, etc. They made recommendations and they were always available to answer my questions. Not only did I get a good edit, but I also found myself learning to read other novels with a critical eye. Now when I review other authors’ works-in-progress, I’m better able to make appropriate suggestions to the author working on them. I plan to use Gemini Wordsmiths for my future novels.”
Barbara Custer
“It takes a team to proof a novel or a screenplay, and having a good proofreader/editor is an essential part of any successful writer’s team. Nothing gets by Ruth and Ann at Gemini Wordsmiths, who are as good as it gets for finding any typographical, syntactical, grammatical, or factual error that needs to be fixed, so that a flawless manuscript goes out to publishers.”
Eric Red
Author of werewolf western, THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE, out in trade paperback and eBook from Samhain Publishing:  Author of a new novel, IT WAITS BELOW, a science fiction monster novel, being published in trade paperback and eBook by Samhain this September.Find Eric’s screenplays on!
“Even an editor needs editors. After 38 years as a newspaper reporter and editor, I started writing books. And no matter how clean I thought I could make my own copy, I knew it could be better. That’s why I contracted with Gemini Wordsmiths: because I knew Ruth and Ann would make my manuscript better.Not only did they put a shine on the copy, Ann and Ruth are both easy to work with. It was a true collaborative effort. We didn’t always agree – that sometimes happens between writers and editors – and they were firm in their convictions, but not overbearing. The final decision was always mine to make.Highly professional, pleasant dispositions, team players and good editors. I really couldn’t ask for more. I’m glad Ruth and Ann were on my team. I ended up with a better book, and that’s the bottom line.”
Mike MorschAuthor, The Vinyl Dialogues________________________________________________________________________________________________

“You want amazing editors for your novel, ones with a critical set of eyes, and who can bring out the best in your prose. Ruth and Ann filled all of those roles for me. Their editorial services improved my novel, Planet Oz, substantially, and I’m a better writer for having heeded their recommendations and advice. I look forward to hiring them for my next novel.”

James Holder

Author, Planet Oz


“Ann from Gemini Wordsmiths edited my story, “Visitation,” for publication by Schrodinger’s Mouse (

I’ve been doing this now for 25 years, and have encountered all sorts of editors.  Most don’t phase me, since I’ve also spent 25 years in the trade publishing business as editor/publisher.  So I understand the need and value of good editing.  I’ve had people who don’t know grammar, and I’ve had people who want to rewrite me just for the sake of rewriting.
Then, sadly few and far between, I have someone like Ann who comes along with a gentle hand, who actually reads the text and tries to get to what I’m trying to say in the text and then edits accordingly.  That’s my impression of how she approached “Visitation,” and I greatly appreciated it.
Thanks for the thoughtful editing!”
John F.D. Taff, Speculative Fiction Author
“This is a great service and  really should be used by anyone producing a game.
Your expertise  can make the difference between a good and bad game.
I appreciate what you have done and hopefully this will bring us more business.”


“I recently contracted with Ruth Littner of Gemini Wordsmiths to edit my 130,000 word memoir. I was delighted by the results. I have been an active member in critique groups for ten years and have also used many professional editors. From these experiences I have developed a sensitivity to editing that helps me improve my work, and editing that wastes time or distracts. Gemini Wordsmiths avoided all my peeves and hit all my goals for excellent productive editing. Ruth found problems I missed after countless readings, identified areas for improvement and in general pushed my work to the next level, all the while giving me respect and support that left me feeling hopeful and positive about my project.”

Jerry Waxler, M.S.
Jerry Waxler is a speaker, and author of the blog Memory Writers Network,
Blog: More Than 200 Essays for Memoir Writers and Readers

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“Recently I had a wonderful opportunity to work with the people at Gemini Wordsmiths to prepare the latest version of the players guide, advertisement materials, as well as the write-up on the game box. I am impressed with the dedication and the attention to detail shown by Gemini Wordsmiths, as well as their willingness to provide alternative suggestions.  I am looking forward to working with Gemini Wordsmiths group in my future endeavors.”

Dr. Ravindran Pulyassary, President, Periodic Quest, Inc.
Periodic Quest: Award Winning Card and Board Game Set Based on the Periodic Table of Elements.

“I was recently contacted by the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia PA, a scholarly think tank, to prepare a lesson plan for teaching 20th century China to college students. Being a history professor, I know history, but not grammar rules. I contacted Ann from Gemini Wordsmiths to copyedit my lesson plan. I’m very pleased with the attention to detail Ann gave to my lesson plan. The finished product was polished and professional. I recommend Gemini Wordsmiths highly.”

Stephen S. Katz, Ed.D.
Adjunct Professor, Rider University, Philadelphia University, Community College of Philadelphia,  and online at Excelsior College.

“Dear Ruth and Ann:

Thanks for all of your editorial help. Good luck with your new business.

All the best,”

Tom Kirk,
Executive Producer
Abington News and Views, Comcast Channel 190

“Gemini Wordsmiths improved my website by making my prose more concise and impactful.  Great job, ladies!”

Tom Tucker
President and Principal Consultant